What exactly is The Punishment For Criminal Contempt In The Second Degree , For Breaching Order Of Protection In Queens?

The terms “restraining order” and “Orders of Protection” are meant for the same order. It is simply that most state governments call it as restraining order, while in Queens, it is identified as Orders of Protection. Even though the terminology differs, the intent behind remains the same and that is to provide safety and protection for the victim from threatening people. Such events are often associated with domestic violence, harassment, assault, and stalking. Reach out to a recognized Queens criminal legal representative simply because violating an Order of Protection may result in harsh judicial consequences.

Order of Protection
An Order of Protection prohibits the respondent from engaging in certain behaviors with the victim who has asked for the Order. A whole lot is dependent upon the bond between the victim and the recipient along with the severity of the core situation. The recipient of the order will be prohibited from visiting, talking to or getting in touch with the victim on the telephone or by means of email messages. He might be compelled to leave the house should the victim and the recipient live together.

Violation of Order of Protection

Restraining Orders or Orders of Protection are family court orders and just in case one does not follow them, they are breaking court orders. This is considered as a serious criminal offense under New York law. According to Queens Legal Help, one should go through the New York Criminal Contempt information page which gives you a good understanding of the statutes and carries vital. It is necessary to understand what constitutes a violation of a restraining order to obtain more information. There is pretty good clarity in the law of Second Degree Criminal Contempt, which states that you have intentionally prohibited an order of a court. As a result, any infringement of the restraining order could put one in prison and face punishments.

The punishment for criminal contempt in the second degree, for breaching the order of protection In Queens might include one year in prison and $1 ,000 penalty. After all, any criminal contempt in the second degree is a Class A Misdemeanor. Understand that before stating anything to any law official or confess to anything, seek legal 72devppky help. Anything you say or do may be used as evidence, and this might go against you. Reach out to your legal attorney and exercise your judgment. Anyone charged with NY PL 215 .50, NY PL 215 .51 or NY PL215 .52 is in a situation of serious concern. These crimes are punishable and could put one in prison and fines.

It is advisable to understand that Orders of Protection could range beyond the boundaries of New York City. And so, if you or your loved one has been accused of any such charges, get in touch with reputed Queens Criminal lawyer David Shapiro, who will handle tour case well and represent you in the best possible way. Talk about your situation privately if charged with assault or acts of domestic violence. It is extremely vital to look for legal advice from a reputable criminal defense lawyer.

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